Poetry scene: Hanne Kolstø, Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen and Viggo Solum

Wednesday 26. August 2018 at 8 and 12 p.m. Hans Børli in a hundred.

Hanne Kolstø / Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen / Viggo Solum

In 2018, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hans Børli, the forest’s poet and national poet, and we want to connect him with our own modern forest goddess and pop artist from Sykkylven, Hanne Kolstø. Kolstø broke through in 2011 with the album Riot Break, after Morgenbladet’s art critic Tommy Olsson wrote in a review that «she is better than the Beatles» [1] . Kolstø has released an album every year since, where four of them have been nominated for the Spellemann Prize . On all releases, she has collaborated with producer Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen . With an album a year, Kolstø has «helped shape Norwegian popular music» as Aftenposten’s reviewer Eivind Stuen writes. Until her last album, Hanne has sung in English, but it was only when we heard her sing in dialect and about the forest that she became a sparkling clear choice for Poesiscena. «Not a forest does not reach the dream / right branches that breathe out.» Hans Børli is performed by an actor of our own Viggo Solum who is originally from Gjøvik and who will finally get to share his favorite poet. In collaboration with Hanne Kolstø and her regular fellow musician and producer Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen, this can be an experience of the rare.

About Poetry Stage:

Poesiscena 2018 presents a very strong program that offers premieres of poetry and music second to none. We have never been able to boast of more commissioned works and the artist gallery speaks for itself. We opened the ball at Baker Walderhaug on Wednesday 26.09 at 8 with a celebration of Hans Børli’s 100th birthday in pop packaging. Thursday night we get Lars Saabye Christensen and Sondre Ferstad ensemble, record release and premiere of new text on Arbeideren. And so it continues throughout the week. Be there or be gone.


Baker Valderhaug
Wednesday 26. Sept.
Time: 8:00

The workers
Wednesday 26. Sept.
Time: 12:00

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