Poetry scene: Fredrik Høyer, Bendik Baksaas and Kjetil Jerve

Thursday 27.09.2018 at 8 and 12

Fredrik Høyer / Bendik Baksaas / Kjetil Jerve

«The Ålesund improvisations»

We are incredibly proud to have got Høyer / Baksaas / Jerve to create the commissioned work «Ålesundsimprovisasjonane». Poet and author Fredrik Høyer together with jazz pianist Kjetil Jerve and electronics artist Bendik Baksaas. In their own way, these three artists work with the moment as a starting point. Together they will present a commissioned work, such as this year an improvised work of poetry and music related to the word «crisis» – and it is as simple as that if you are not there you will miss something big.

Fredrik Høyer is a Norwegian poet, author and stage artist from Drammen, living in Oslo, best known for performing with his own texts on television and radio. He has a great fascination for rap, hip-hop and jazz poetry and he often mixes punchlines and inventive rhymes with humor and playfulness, in oral street poems that mix performance and literature. In 2016, he published the collection of poems Grønnlandssutraen, which was staged as a monologue performance at the National Theater with great success. If you have experienced Høyer once, you will never forget it!

Composer, producer and DJ Bendik Baksaas is one of the foremost in a new generation who thrives very well in the spaces between club music and improvised music. He has shown this through a number of collaborations, whether it is with jazz pianist Kjetil Jerve in the duo Jervaas or in the duo Baksaas + Fredrik Høyer.

Kjetil Jerve is a jazz pianist from Ålesund who plays moves freely between different genres such as techno, jazz, poetry and avant garde with his bands and own solo projects. Kjetil is a curious and deeply plowing artist that we are very proud to invite home.

About Poetry Stage:

Poesiscena 2018 presents a very strong program that offers premieres of poetry and music second to none. We have never been able to boast of more commissioned works and the artist gallery speaks for itself. We opened the ball at Baker Walderhaug on Wednesday 26.09 at 8 with a celebration of Hans Børli’s 100th birthday in pop packaging. Thursday night we get Lars Saabye Christensen and Sondre Ferstad ensemble, record release and premiere of new text on Arbeideren. And so it continues throughout the week. Be there or be gone.

Wednesday 26. August 2018 at 8 and 12 p.m.

Baker Walderhaug
Wednesday 26. Sept.
Time: 8:00

The workers
Wednesday 26. Sept.
Time: 12:00

Besøksadresse: Lorkenesgt. 2, 6002 Ålesund
Postadresse: Postboks 349, 6001 Ålesund