Disney Magic Evening with Aalesund Opera Choir

Ålesund Opera Choir: Disney’s Magical World

«Frost! The Lion King! Tarzan! – An adventure journey in Disney movie music and musicals!»
This is how Aalesund Opera Choir introduced its self-produced Disney concert when it premiered in 2015, and it really became an adventure. «A terrific show», the newspapers thought – «Soloist after soloist splashed with enthusiasm and empathy»!

Now Høstscena’s audience can also enjoy the performance «Disney’s Magical World», this time with star soloist Carl-Henrik Nilsen – the finalist with the beautiful velvet voice in last year’s Norwegian Talents. Many of the choir’s singers also have their own solo parts, and together with an obvious band, the singing choir and talented dance students from Fagerlia upper secondary school, they provide a fast-paced and colorful concert.

With well-known songs from Disney movies and musicals from the 80’s onwards, «Disney’s Magic World» is suitable for the whole family, perhaps with the exception of the very youngest since the songs are performed in English. But everyone is welcome to come and sing along to songs from Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Ringer in Notre Dame, Two on the Run, Frost and this year’s newcomer Vaiana / Moana!


Carl-Henrik K. Nilsen

Carl-Henrik Nilsen is a Norwegian crooner, singer and entertainer. Carl-Henrik sang all the way to the final in Norwegian Talents 2017, where he performed Frank Sinatra’s classic «My Way».

Carl-Henrik has made a name for himself in Eastern Norway as a soloist for many big bands, since he took a musical U-turn after many years as a rock vocalist in 2012.

In addition to his natural talent as a crooner and vocalist, Carl-Henrik has a natural talent as an entertainer, which is often compared to greats such as Robbie Williams, Michael Bublé and not least Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack.

His great love for big bands and jazz arose when he saw Robbie Williams’ Swing when you’re winning from the Royal Albert Hall at the age of 15-16. And even though it would take many years before he began to cultivate interest in Frank Sinatra and the other great crooners, the interest has always been there.

After several band projects, in 2011 he chose to go solo to focus on his passion for big bands and jazz.

Before his participation in Norske Talenter 2017, he had already made a name for himself as a soloist for various big bands in Eastern Norway, including Drammen Storband, Sandefjord Storband, Asker Storband, Røa Storband, Larvik Storband, Holmestrand Storband and Big Boss Band. In addition to a concert in Drammens Teater with Frøydis Grorud, and much more. He has also enjoyed sharing the stage with established artists such as Silje Nergaard and Mariann Aas Hansen.

Parken Kulturhus
Sunday 30. Sept.
Kl: 16:00

Besøksadresse: Lorkenesgt. 2, 6002 Ålesund
Postadresse: Postboks 349, 6001 Ålesund