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Am I Human for You -? (art exhibition)


What does it mean to be human? In the exhibition «Am I human for you?», Which is shown in KUBE until 3. October, this eternal philosophical question is illuminated through the works of art of John Akomfrah, Per Inge Bjørlo, Anders Holen, Harminder Judge, Amy Karle, William Kentridge, Lawrence Lek, Britt Sorte and Liv Dysthe Sønderland. The works of art take different perspectives to examine the theme in a broad historical perspective, from past to future.
The aim of the compilation is not to provide definitive answers, but to stimulate the ability to reflect, and motivate the audience to actively contribute to the shaping of a common human future.

Wednesday 29.09 and Friday 01.10 at 13.00 there will be a tour of the exhibition in collaboration with the Art Nouveau Center and KUBE.


Wednesday 29.09 kl. 13.00

Friday 01.10 kl. 13.00


The Art Nouveau Center and KUBE


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