«WHAT WE ARGUE ABOUT WHEN WE ARGUE ON FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION» (Bjarne Riiser Gundersen in conversation with Bjørn Vatne)

Recently, concepts of freedom of expression, responsibility for expression and refusal to stage have caught fire in the comment fields. Author and social editor of Morgenbladet, Bjarne Riiser Gundersen will in a conversation with Bjørn Vatne try to point out some of the dynamics that arise when we express ourselves in public:
«It’s about different perceptions of how utterances work in the world – and thus also where, and how, they do the most good or harm. Here we are in the middle of a wonderful stew of trade-offs, and over the past decade, the pot has acquired a fundamentally new ingredient, what is coolly called a game changer, namely a completely new type of expression technology. Today, our statements are framed, sorted, ranked and spread by a new machine, with different selection criteria than before. The question is: What happens then? »


This is how Bjarne Riiser Gundersen asked the question when he gave his speech on freedom of expression at the House of Literature in Oslo in February 2020. The autumn stage and the art museum Kube invite the audience to take part in a reflective conversation. We want common insight more than heated debate.


WHEN: Thursday 30.9 at 19.30

WHERE: Kunstmuseet KUBE


Bjarne Riiser Gundersen is a journalist and author, and has published the documentary books «When postmodernism came to Norway» and «Swedish conditions». He has previously taught journalism at Volda University College and today works as a community editor at Morgenbladet

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