The church dancer is a work where one and one audience members book time in a church room to dance without spectators. The dance is accompanied by an organist who plays with his back to. The church dancer will give each of us the opportunity to be the main character. Besides our own baptism, our own wedding, and perhaps especially our own funeral, we rarely stand out as individuals and protagonists in the church room. It is very rare to be in a church room alone, and even rarer to be free to unfold there physically.

The church dancer is your own private moment that you can use as you wish. All kinds of movements and ways of dancing are welcome in the Church Dancer, and you can also just sit, stand, walk around, shake loose, sway to the organ tones or lie down.

The church dancer lasts for 15 minutes. Upon arrival on the church steps, you get to choose between three different musical moods for your dance – dramatic, light or melancholic.

The church dancer has played at churches in Oslo and in Trondheim. Now it’s beautiful Ålesund Church’s turn. Ålesund Church is a long church from 1909. It was designed by architect Sverre Knudsen. In connection with the 100th anniversary of Ålesund Church in 2009, extensive restoration work was done on the church. The large Jørgensen organ was restored and upgraded. According to the Ålesund congregations, the organ has become the second largest in Norway after the organ in Nidaros Cathedral.

Choreographic idea: Marie Bergby Handeland

Times: updated continuously

Organist: will be announced

Co-production: Black box theater, Rosendal Theater

Supported by: Oslo Municipality


Time that can be booked:
at 15:00
at 15:20
at 15.40
at 16:00
at 16.20
at 16.40
at 17.00
at 17.20
at 17.40

WHERE: Ålesund Church


Besøksadresse: Lorkenesgt. 2, 6002 Ålesund
Postadresse: Postboks 349, 6001 Ålesund