The Brazz Brothers are celebrating 40 years of continuous operation this year!

The anniversary will be marked with concerts at several of Norway’s largest music and jazz festivals as well as concerts in Sweden.

On the home front, the anniversary will be marked with a spectacular anniversary week in Ålesund and Sula.

The first step in the domestic anniversary rocket will be an exclusive concert at Teaterfabrikken in Ålesund. A guest at this concert is one of The Brazz Brothers’ absolute favorite artists, Frode Alnes himself!

The Brazz Brother has become an institution in Norwegian cultural life.

The ensemble started as a classical brass quintet in 1981. During 40 years of continuous operation, they have only had one crew replacement. In 2015, Kåre Nymark replaced Jarle Førde on the trumpet. This continuity has made the ensemble masters of interaction. The interaction combined with the group’s constant search for the good and original music, has made the group a favorite with a large audience.

During his career, The Brazz Brother has played over 5,000 concerts, toured 34 countries and released over 20 CDs. They have collaborated musically with everything from professional symphony orchestras, choirs and corps, international artists, African tribal chiefs to now, interaction with fantastic Frode Alnes.

The Brazz Brothers consists of two pairs of brothers on brass instruments. Jan Magne Førde plays the trumpet and grand piano horn. Helge Førde plays the trombone. Runar Tafjord plays the horn and Stein Erik Tafjord handles the tuba. Kåre Nymark also comes from Sula. Kenneth Ekornes from Sykkylven has command of the drums.

Rejoice. This is going to be serious fun!

The Brazz Bros is supported by Sparebank 1 Nordvest.

WHEN: Friday at 20.00

WHERE: Teaterfabrikken


Besøksadresse: Lorkenesgt. 2, 6002 Ålesund
Postadresse: Postboks 349, 6001 Ålesund