The autumn scene looks outwards

10 jan, 2022

An international community of curators is working towards the festival in 2023.

In June 2021, Høstscena received funding from the Cultural Council for the establishment of an international curatorial team. This community consists of the Italian playwright and performing arts curator Lisa Gilardino, the Greek visual artist and curator Poka-Yio , and the Norwegian performing artist Helle Siljeholm .

Until 2023, the curators will plan the festival program in collaboration with artistic director Siri Forberg, in addition to local and international actors.

Throughout the spring, we will provide further information about the collaboration, and the curators will also visit Ålesund. Let us now present the curators individually: First out is the visual artist Poka-Yio. The founder of the Athens Biennale is also a professor at the Athens School of Fine Art, and artistic advisor to the Onassis Foundation, among many other things. In an interview with the Swedish art magazine «C-print» this January, the reader gets an insight into how Poka-Yio thought ahead of last year’s biennial. There he says, among other things, the following: «I will raise an issue that has just started to surface; entitlement. Who is entitled to address certain issues is under constant and fierce negotiation. In the immediate future we should not be surprised if the current champions of certain political and social agendas are called-out by the very same communities they support. There is a bloodthirsty fast realignment of social and cultural capital, a process that was long due and mandatory, and this inevitably will not happen smoothly ».

Read the entire interview in C-print from January 2022 here.


Visual artist, curator and founder of the Athens Biennale, Poka-Yio.