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Timeless about love by Ingmar Bergman

What is it that makes two people who love each other so much break boundaries and treat each other badly?

Marianne and Johan are the perfect couple. They will be good to each other; be honest, show respect and provide care. When everyday irritations erupt, the feeling of being misunderstood becomes overwhelming. Suddenly, the work of digging trenches is underway.

Bergman’s portrait of relationships in Scenes from a Marriage has a raw power that touches. The conversation between them is recognizable and concerns us all. The proximity between the two fills the stage space.

Scenes from a marriage first appeared as a TV series in 1973 and later became both a film and a theater, seen by millions around the world. Married as unmarried recognize themselves in the relationship between Johan and Marianne. Arne Lygre has created a modern dramatization that provides a close and real insight into today’s challenges in relationships and family life.

What binds us together? What drives us apart? How does love manifest itself for us, for you and for me? Scenes from a marriage are a theatrical experience for everyone. No one goes free from love.

« Gripping love drama». Romsdals Budstikke.

«Insightful, low-key and intense about the difficult love». The class struggle.

By Ingmar Bergman

By appointment with Josef Weinberger Limited, London

Dramatized by Arne Lygre

Regi Tatu Hämäläinen

Visual concept Tatu Hämäläinen and Philip Isaksen

Composer Tatu Rönkkö

Lighting design Phillip Isaksen

With Bjørnar Lisether Teigen and Kjersti Botn Sandal

The performance is presented in collaboration with Josef Weinberger Limited, London, on behalf of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation



Saturday 2.10 at 5.30 pm

Sunday 3.10 at 14.00

Where: Parken Kulturhus


Besøksadresse: Lorkenesgt. 2, 6002 Ålesund
Postadresse: Postboks 349, 6001 Ålesund