POETRY SCENE (with Camara Lundestad Joof and Ai-Ling Chiu)

The big in the small. Poesiscena 2021 presents a very strong program that offers poetry and music second to none. Poetry for breakfast or lunch? Poetry scene stands for the menu.
Welcome to morning poetry at Baker Walderhaug and lunch poetry in the Foyer at Parken Kulturhus.
For those who follow the cultural and social debate, Camara Lundestad Joof is hardly an unknown name. She is the National Theater’s new house playwright, she is a columnist in Dagbladet, and she has been appointed by the King in Council to be a council member in the Cultural Council. So to name a few.
At Baker Walderhaug and in the Park’s foyer, she meets violinist and leader of Ålesund’s chamber music festival Ai-Ling Chiu: a meritorious and exciting musician with considerable experience. Ai-Ling has an energetic and intense expression and we look forward to experiencing what arises in the meeting between these two artists.

WHEN: Saturday 2.10

at 09:00
Baker Walderhaug
at 12:00
Foyers, Parks Kulturhus


Besøksadresse: Lorkenesgt. 2, 6002 Ålesund
Postadresse: Postboks 349, 6001 Ålesund