Margit stands in the museum and looks back at things as the past attacks.

– Oh, says Margit.

– What was it I said, says the museum guard.

With the female body as an excavation field, Susie Wang conducts an opposite archeology, where the past finds man and pulls her down.

In a short time, Susie Wang has established herself as one of Norway’s most prominent theater companies. They come from a performance-oriented performing arts – among other things in the artist collective Baktruppen, but now the work has taken a dramatic turn, and Susie Wang creates imaginative theater with diligence in all stages. Or as they themselves say: Susie Wang grew up with a shattered worldview, but instead of reflecting on the world in fragments, we have begun to pick up the pieces and put them together into theatrical sequences.

Concept: Susie Wang. Text / direction: Trine Falch. Set design: Bo Krister Wallström. Sound / music: Martin Langlie. Light: Phillip Isaksen. SFX: Fanny Antonsdottir. Language consultant: Lina Hindrum


Museum guard: Mona Solhaug
Margit: Julie Solberg
Frank: Kim Atle Hansen
Others: Martin Langlie, Simen Ulvestad, Phillip Isaksen

Duration: 1 h 22 min

Photo: Alette Schei Rørvik

Thanks to: Olav Myrtvedt, Jean Vincent Kerebel / Black Box Teater, Goksøyr & Martens, Verdensteatret, Room for Dance

Supported by: Norwegian Cultural Council, Dramatikkens Hus, Fund for Sound and Vision, Fund for Performing Artists and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Dance and Theater Center

WHEN: Friday 01.10
First performance: at 18.30
Extra performance: at 22:00

WHERE: Parken Kulturhus


Besøksadresse: Lorkenesgt. 2, 6002 Ålesund
Postadresse: Postboks 349, 6001 Ålesund