Sound installation / Performing arts

I GUESS YOU HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS – a bedtime story (Maritea Dæhlin, sound installation / performing arts)

You are invited to spend a night alone in a hotel room. Experience an interdisciplinary project with the voices and lyrics of Yasnaya Elena A. Gil and Sigrun Slapgard. The sound work and the lyrics are triggered by conversations Maritea Dæhlin has had with them, centered around the word «solidarity» – a word that will be questioned, rejected, loved and stretched.

«A subliminal lesson in what solidarity looks like in a world of asymmetric relationships. (…) Dæhlin reworks this material into fragments (…) so that it confusingly resembles a thought that arises and takes shape in the listener. «
Art criticism

«In her sound installation, I feel taken care of and seen, enriched and challenged.
What more could one ask for «a bedtime story?»
Norwegian Shakespeare magazine

«The soundscape is electric, and helps to make this a work of art.»

«A work of unfailing artistic integrity.»

«Experiencing art while sleeping changes perception, but opens the gaze even if the eyes are closed»
The class struggle

Photo: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard




«I guess you have a lot of questions. A bedtime story», by Maritea D æ hlin


A work of
Maritea Dæhlin

Text and voices in sound works
Yasnaya Elena A. Gil
Sigrun Slapgard

Other text
Maritea Dæhlin

Tormod Carlsen

Artistic guidance sound work
Thora Dolven Balke

Sound engineer
Truls Hannemyr

Elisabeth C. Gmeiner

Adam King
Elyzabeth Wild

A commissioned work by
OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway)

Black Box Theater (Oslo)

Supported by
Kulturrådet, Oslo kommune, NOTAM (Norwegian Center for Technology, Art and Music)


Check in Wednesday 29.9
starting at. 21.00-21:30
Breakfast at 07:00
Check out Thursday 30.9
within kl. 10:00

Check in Thursday 30.9
starting at. 21.00-21:30
Breakfast at 07:00
Check out Friday 1.10
within kl. 10:00

WHERE: Hotel 1904


Besøksadresse: Lorkenesgt. 2, 6002 Ålesund
Postadresse: Postboks 349, 6001 Ålesund